Help, My Dog Ran Away. Finding Lost Dog Advice

There is nothing quite as worrying as coming home to find your beloved pet missing. The stress, concern and plain old panic can cloud your brain, affecting your ability to think clearly about what you should do next. These 5 steps for finding a lost dog are essential to returning your pet home as soon as possible.

Step 1 – Contact Local Animal Societies And Vets

Contact the SPCA in your area, animal control as well as other animal societies. If they haven’t picked your dog up, it is more than likely that someone who has found your lost pet will bring them to one of these animal rescue societies. If you have no luck, call societies in the surrounding areas. A dog can wander quite far in a relatively short period of time.

Also, call all the vets in and around your area. If your dog was injured, it is the most likely place for someone to have taken it. Many people will also report a lost dog to the local vets. Check and recheck at these locations regularly.

Step 2 – Take A Walk

Walk or drive around your neighborhood calling the dog’s name. A dog has a very good hearing and will respond to your calls if it is in the vicinity. It is, however, best to walk so that you aren’t moving too fast for the dog to follow you. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you can’t see him, you may be able to hear him barking if he is stuck somewhere. Take a look here for more tips on finding lost dogs that ran away.

Step 3 – Ask Around

Go to your direct neighbors and ask them if they saw your dog leave the property or as they have seen him since. Also, ask passersby if they have seen a lost dog while you are searching the area. You can also ask at your local stores, restaurants, and other retail outlets if they may have spotted your pet.

Step 4 – Return Home

Most pets that manage to escape will roam around for a few hours to a few days only to return home on their own. So while you are searching, return home every now and again to check. Dogs have very sensitive noses and most can sniff their way home if they truly are lost.

Step 5 – Post Posters

Find a favorite picture of your lost dog and create a poster. Remember to include your contact number and the dog’s name on the poster. Posters can be very effective at getting the entire neighborhood and beyond looking for your pet, especially if you post a reward.


It is, however, necessary to take some precautions when using this method. If someone calls saying they have your pet, don’t just give them your address and confirm that they do actually have your dog. DO NOT post your name, address or other information on the poster.

Step 6 – The Police

If you suspect that your dog has been stolen, you need to visit your nearest police station and report it. Although your dog is a member of your family, under the law, he is property and you can report the theft of a pet to be investigated by the police. However, you will need to provide some evidence or proof to confirm your suspicions in order for the police to get involved.

It is absolutely essential to provide your dog with a collar and tag that has his name and your contact number engraved on it. It is also advisable to have your pet chipped, especially if he is an escape artist. These will help you locate your pet much faster should he ever get lost or go missing.

Don’t Despair

It can be difficult to stay positive. You hear stories of dogs dying all the time. But it’s highly likely that you will find your dog. This video shows you why:

May you find your dog soon!

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